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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White I’ll try to keep this spoiler free. Also please note: (this is a more subjective review than usual for me).And let me preface this by saying that, although this was a written novel aimed at teen girls, and it was supposed to be lighter than the dark/heavy stuff bombarding YA fiction (so I’ve heard; though, I very much like the dark and heavy) it lacked what I was looking for… my being able to connect with the protagonist or feel/identify with her woes. THIS WILL VERY MUCH NOT BE AS FAVORABLE AS A REVIEW DUE TO THAT FACT. Even the serious parts rang so light, IMO, that I felt it was a waste of time to include the particular aspects of darkness that White did. Death of someone who Evie was so close to just wasn’t something that made me feel anything. It wasn’t humorous enough to be able to pull off the darkness in an effective lightness for me. Although Evie supposedly “grieved”, as a reader it seemed off. It didn’t feel real or genuine. Maybe it was the abundance of sweeping it under the rug vs. random bawling vs. Telling me INSTEAD of showing me. I don’t know why that is, but I didn’t like it. When reading the book, I genuinely felt that she was in deed empty….and since that is what she’s been declared, maybe that was the point? I like, no LOVE reading YA fiction. The angsty, gooey romantic, the adventurous, suspenseful, and thrilling, I love them all. Even when the teens behave emo and whiny, I can attribute their behavior to that time period and understand….especially when there are circumstances that I think warrants their angst. Maybe it’s my being able to recall on my own teenage experience where I didn’t really have the luxury to just be a teenager. I had to grow up a little faster, so I can especially identify with those who struggle with that getting over the bitterness of not being able to just be who they are. And I love that not all teens are like that. This book is for the reader who likes fluffiness and like some of their plot to be tied up in cute little bows. Cute little PINK bows. Awwwww. As a heroine, she didn’t struggle with any of her new discoveries about herself or her intended weakness as a ***SPOILER:***----> soul sucker (not what she’s called but same thing). It’s funny that she hates vamps but essentially has the ability to do what vamps do to humans, except do it to paranormal