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Die for Me - Amy Plum Such a beautiful cover and lame read... Sigh. Overall Die for Me's characterizations were too close to Twilight for me to appreciate it's original creative elements. Furthermore I didn't buy the love story, both hero and heroine were rather boring, the writing clunky, and climax predictable. After Kate and Her sister Georgia's parents die in a car accident in New York, both girls pack up and move overseas with their grandparents who live in the city of lights. Set in the beautiful city of Paris, Kate's older sister Georgia makes the most of her life and lives the party lifestyle to get back a sense of normalcy, while Kate is set on being a loner, emo, and boring, until she meets Vincent. Vincent, a tall, dark haired, ethereally beautiful, and filthy rich strange boy who seems like he's from another time--and whose diction affirms that theory. After making Vincent's acquaintance, she just can't seem to stay away from him, though she tries to after learning that he's not a normal guy, nor are his family/friends. But as these things often go, she ends up getting back with him because, oh man she loves him so much, she CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIM! She dies a death every day they are apart! Plum, does a good job in introducing paranormal beings I've never read about before. Though, they really just seem to encompass a couple different traits of familiar mythological creatures. Volants are part zombie, part angel, part human-ish and have the pseudo-immortal thing going. The only way the can be killed permanently is though death by incapacitation then fire. Their main goal in life is to be heros and save the lives of those on the verge of getting themselves killed. Vincent along with his comrades (Kindred) are Revenants. I didn't enjoy this book really because the Heroine was boring and sorta Mary Sue-ish. Can we agree that Mary Sues are lame? She doesn't have a personality at all, at least not one I can relate to, thus I really could care about her or her story. Also, her and Vince's love story was week. I never felt that Kate and Vince forged a strong bond between themselves, of the all consuming type that Plum is trying to sell. I My heart didn't beat fast nor did I swoon not once! Furthermore, Kate's action at the end weren't convincing as an act of love, but rather an act of responsibility, being as though her and her sister were the reason for the bad guy showing up where and when he did. The dialogue plays out much more like the script of a film, with constant verbal reaffirmations of previous actions from the characters as if they didn't already know what was taking place. It's very unnatural and annoying to read. The whole conversation that Kate has with Lucien when he's on the verge of disposing of V's body was just so cringe worthy... So is the dialogue between her and vince. Too much talking and not enough feeling that enraptures the reader! If they are going to talk, less is more. Hopefully Plum will improve on this in her future works.