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Legend - Marie Lu I should really give this 1 star, I really should, but I'm gonna go ahead and give it more like 1.5/1.75 stars with the details as to why.There is a scene in this book where the male protagonist recognizes that a bar owner slapped a fake, quality alcohol, bottle label onto a bottle of not-so-quality alcohol, to pass off as the real deal. This book is very much like that posing beverage. It will lure you in with it's shiny and intriguing cover and fancy font and written aesthetics on the interior, promising to make you feel entertained and have a good time. But don't be fooled, it's out to insult your intelligence and enrage you with some of the most one and two-dimensional, inhuman and implausibly ridiculous characters I've ever read, not to mention plot holes. OMG! It's so frustrating that I'm going to have to go and sit and try my best to write a spoiler-free review that's not filled with all the expletives I really want to hurl at both Lu and her editor. It will be posted soon, but I can't promise that it will be 100% snark-free, but I'm gonna try y'all! I really am!