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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion How dare you Mr. Marion? How dare you write this awesome story about a being that I have feared, screamed bloody murder and covered my eyes over, and wrote off ever being able to accept as a creature worth embracing and wanting to see succeed? You sly dog, you! Can I just be an honest pussy for a moment? My first encounter with zombies was with Michael Jackson's Thriller dancers. And guess what? Even though I love that video and all that awesome sauce choreography, and will continue to love it forever and ever...They scared the living crap out of me! So much so, I couldn't watch the video alone or at night for a long long time (like until I was like 21)...and all the lights had to be on and some background noise would be necessary too! I should also point out that overall, I'm just really afraid of dead things, especially the blatant kind. No matter how cleaned up or inanimate they seem, i'm just squeamish and afraid. Therefore, Zombies have just always been a big fat "ewww!"... but I've always tuned into those kinds of movies just for the sheer spook factor and opportunity to see the humans kill and conquer them.However, Marion's WARM BODIES have completely won me over with his hero, R. I love that guy. He has a special place in my heart. I don't lust after him, but I do ship his success with the living world and his relationship with Julie. He's my homie and I'd try to protect him if I could. He and Julie have a completely weird, but endearingly sweet, awkward, and charming love and relationship between them. In the end, they both inspire one another to change the world and themselves for the better. Isn't that a big part of what we hope to feel when loving someone? I do. WARM BODIES is about R, his life as a zombie in a world that has been crumbling under the weight of a zombie plague, and his search for more meaning and understanding of his new undead/dead life. After eating the brains of a teenage boy killed during a zombie raid, R senses a change within himself as he starts to get visions/dreams of the boy's previous life. Through those changes, of which impacted him immediately, he falls for Julie, the boys girlfriend. Through protecting her against his zombie comrades, he manages to incite a zombie revolution against their own way of live. I can't help but feel that the zombie concept in WARM BODIES is just a metaphor for the life many adults/grown-ups happen to live sometimes. Sometimes we become so jaded by our experiences and just go on through life on an endless loop of our responsibilities--wake up, do the chores, work, pay the bills, feed ourselves...-- assuming a very zombie like state, that it takes a spark to get us back to ACTUALLY living a life outside of the monotony we often pigeonhole ourselves into. The fact that the children in the story were very much living in all their carefree energy, whether they were a zombie or not, just makes me think this was the point Marion was trying to make. If so, I totally bought it. I felt some hope for the future and definitely a little inspired not to squander my life by not being an active participant, but striving to live the one I want. This was a very heart warming, funny, and charming read.