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On The Island

On the Island  - Tracey Garvis-Graves Two Stars.This book...this book is a very simple minded book. There is nothing compelling about it. For all its faults in certain areas, I expected that there would be at least ONE payoff in the context of the story and writing that would make up for it's simple mindedness. Sadly, that didn't happen.This book could have used either one one the following things to make it worthwhile (for me): some magical fantasy elements that could have improved/supported the absurdities of what transpired during the lost-on-an-Island section, subsequently adding a layer of mystery and enchantment; having more depth to the characters involved, their development, and their individual stories; and lastly, some adult level romance writing. I didn't swoon once. What the hell? Why were the love scenes glossed over like this book was written for a YA audience? In fact, there are some YA books that have hotter sex happening!In the end, this was a snooze-fest on all fronts of what I enjoy about reading. Filed under: this has left me wholly underwhelmed.