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Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2)

Pandemonium (Delirium Series #2) - 3.5 stars (Listen, when you read Melina Marchetta books over and over again, it does something to your ability to receive other books that are, in comparison, sub-par, and thus you're less inclined to be generous)Well. I definitely found this book to be more action packed and suspenseful than the 1st installment. (The kicker for me in the last book was the ending), but I still found myself going with the motions rather than getting swept up and paranoid about what was to come next. Thus, I felt it was all a little anticlimactic in a way. I don't know, maybe it's because I predicted what was going to happen 90% if the time on my own. However, this book is a lot darker and grittier, and I think it does a good job in letting you experience the hardships revolutionaries must endure when they decided to leave the comforts of the "right way of life" to fight for freedom. It's not pretty. It's a new lifestyle filled with fear, death, disease, defeat, spiritual decline, hunger, cold, dirt, muck, and shit. It's a rough road, but it's for freedom and free will. It definitely made me wonder how I'd handle being in such a situation...if, god forbid, my society ever plunders into such craziness and violate our democratic ideologies and free will (not that they don't already, but it's not unbearable for me personally...being a member of some of the society's privileged lot, but I digress). I liked that Oliver took the time and showed how Lena adapted to her new life through her experience in the Wilds (then) to her revolutionary status (now). That she had to man up in order to survive in her new circumstances. But I did expect Lena to have more understanding when she was first interacting with Julian, especially since her reaction to learning the truth about Alex in Delirium wasn't unlike Alex's reaction to her. She seemed very one note on that track, and I'm wondering why she was so blinded by her anger that she was unable to be mature and recognize her past self in him. Some self reflection and awareness would have been awesome. I am rather mad at the ending really? was a love triangle necessary? This is a revolution, I thought, why are we putting a love triangle on center stage now.There are so many greater topics that should be focused on, but I guess I get it...since this is about Deliria Nervosa, it's should explore the difficulties of it I suppose....I admit, it will be interesting to see what arguments are going to be made in favor of Deliria Nervosa come next book. I have a feeling the males in this book are going to lose their shit. I'm interested in knowing how them being confronted with a difficult situation/possible development/result of love...polyamory, will be received. Lena too. What arguments will be made in favor or against? How will the Juliane react, knowing he's had less time to understand the "disease".