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Sheltered - Charlotte Stein This was such a fun and smutty read. However, I can't help wishing there was more. It was too too short. I wish the conflict between Evie and her family was fleshed out some more, as well as Evie and and Van's connection and relationship. I also would have loved to know who Evie became after gaining freedom and changing her life dynamic so completely. Best thing about Sheltered was the hero, Van--so so sweet, I LOVE HIM!-- and Evie. As naive and innocent Evie was, she was so darn endearing and funny. She had me laughing out loud a plenty! Though, I feel like there is still so much left unsaid in this story, I enjoyed it cover to cover! I do hope she writes a sequel. I'm dying to know where they go from here. Give it a go, friends!