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Firelight - Sophie Jordan This won't be the best review, more of a digest of feeling. I really enjoyed reading this. I felt a fair range of emotions as I read through the book. Anger, angst, compassion, forgiveness even. I had a healthy does of flail going on too! Honestly, my favorite character and who I felt the most sympathy for was Will. Tamra, and her and Jace's mother got on my nerves, but I totally understand their hang-ups. As much as I'd like to admit it, I probably was too hard on Tamra. I can imagine what that kind of isolation and desire for normalcy (and not getting it) would do to a teen. I gave Jace a little too much credit. Towards the end she's really become rather stupidly reckless IMO, but I suppose for her age I'll have to give her a pass.Anyway. Four stars because it kept my attention from the start, and the UST and then romance between J and W was really really fire. Can't wait to read the next installment.