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Outlander - Diana Gabaldon It was such a long book. At times I felt too long. There was some dragging, but it's a wonderful story with many layers. DG wove a historically accurate story with elements of romance and fantasy. She's really created an authentic world that readers have no trouble getting lost in. Aside from knowing I struggled to pronounce some Gaelic words with accuracy, I have no qualms about the prose and frame from which the story was told. I'm hooked, and want to learn about where things went from the ending. I love how DG mixes the angst and drama with moments of humor. However, there were some instances (few) where I thoroughly wanted to feel the angst (I'm masochistic that way)and felt that the event and subsequent emotions of the characters seemed to be too complacent; the humor in those moments annoyed me. Jamie. I love him. I was really disappointed when he "followed his word" and remained passive as Jack Randall emasculated and abused him during the prison torture. I don't care if he was going to hang in a couple hours. Why not go out a fighter? I was sickened and disappointed by his passivity and even his brief moment of compassion for JR. No bueno. Jack Randall? Oh yeah, he's a sadistic and mentally sick. It doesn't negate the fact that I want him to die. A horrible death at that. He's a sociopath as far as I'm concerned. Since there is no psychiatric help in the 18th century, he's best to be exposed for the A-hole and sadistic bastard that he is.