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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning 3.5 stars is because of the ending. The action happenings in the last 80% of the book made me forget all about my qualms when I first started reading this book. Less a romance, Darkfever takes you on the beginning journey of, Mac Lane. A 22 year old Southern girl who goes to Ireland to find out what caused her sister's death and her murderer, and winds up learning a hell of a lot more about the dark world that ignorance keeps regular humans blissfully unaware of. While there she finds out a lot more about herself and her sister's origins than she wanted to know....while trying to track down an ancient relic, an evil book that can either prevent apocalyptic release of the Unseelie on to man kind or serve as the key to opening the gate. I like Mac. I like Barrons (Mac's mentor figure) too , even though he's annoying with his excess deflection, but it's something about the book that annoyed me. A part of it was definitely all the sexual notations with a big fat lack of sex or kissing throughout the entire book. It's obvious that there is a brewing sexual tention between Mac and Barrons, but it never gets anywhere. There really isn't a vast amount of flirtation between the two of them. I also think, the books tells way more than it should and would benefit from som more showing. Saying all this I am excited to read the next installments in the series. I have come to terms that this is more mystery/fantasy/paranormal than romance. Understanding this should help stave off my annoyances with the upcoming reads.