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On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta "What is the difference between a trip and a journey?" This is one of the questions that both opens and closes this story. And it is the most utterly apt description of what you come to understand about reading a book worth anything at all. Because unlike so many of the books book-junkies like us read, we often find ourselves not on a journey while reading those stories, but on a trip. A couple hours, days, or weeks on a few pages worth departure from our everyday lives to experience some form of escapism via vacation/holiday to a literary resort or island. A trip is reading a book that in a couple weeks, months, years or lets be honest, sometimes by the time you try to write the review, you lose sight of key events, elements, and even people within the story. You can't recall as much about it with conviction. A journey is a story that will stay with you FOREVER. And not just because it was an academic/work assignment, but because despite that, it's a story that grabbed you and wouldn't let you go...even when you scratched your head with confusion and wanted to walk away, it embedded itself into your heart and fused itself into that part of you where your emotional recall lives. What's a good story worth your time? On the Jellicoe Road is a story that takes you on a Journey, and what makes it superior to so many other of it's competitors out there is that it's simply a solid, original, honest, and magical story, without much artificial embellishment. It's simply a great story. This is the 2nd book by Marchetta I've read and she's an amazing writer. I feel so fortunate to read her work. More people should treat themselves to such talent. I was terribly late to the party, but am so glad I'm finally here. This story is about friendship, about family, love, despair, hope, trust, devotion, death, grace, grief, perseverance, courage, discovery. My god! It's AMAZING I could go on forever. It also has some mystery and adventure thrown in too and there is not one character that could have been left out. Not one, in my opinion that is forgettable. Griggs, Santangelo, Jessa, Ben, and Raffy all have a special place in my heart. So do Taylor and the Original 5. That's really all I can say.So, "What's the difference between a trip and a journey?" My loves, when you get there, when you read and finish this book, you'll understand.