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The End of the Party - Graham Greene Is this a children's story? I totally didn't see that end coming.This was a short story that I found to be packed with an explosion of tension and punch despite its word count. The End of the Party explores the interesting dynamic of the existing symbiosis between twin brothers, Francis and Peter, told by exploring their fears. Upon attending a children's party, Francis is filled with palpable dread of a particular party-favorite pastime that he knows he'll be forced to participate in despite not wanting to. Meanwhile, his brother, Peter, observing Francis's deteriorating courage starts to feel the fear of his brother and tries to do all he can to be supportive of him. I love when siblings care about each other and demonstrates it in the form of action like these twin brothers. It makes me sad that their end was tragic.I've been paralyzed myself with fear--both my own and those of loved ones--and could feel so clearly the dread each brother was trying to deal with. Fortunately for me, I've never ended up with their outcome.