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Matched - Ally Condie You know when you read a story, especially a good dystopian one where you feel like you can't put the book down, but you actually do at some moments because it's so intense and you're SO anxious and scared to read what happens next because surely you won't be able to handle it, surely you're going to die of rage, heart clench, anxiety, or some other passionate emotion, because "Oh Jaysus!" you can't even? Yeah, well Matched is not that. Not by a long shot...in fact it never increased my heart rate at any moment at all and that's so disappointing. A dystopian book should at least do that once, right? I do care about Ky and I cared about Grandaddy Reyes, but Cassia? She's not as daring as I'd hope. The luke warm romance that should be steaming between her and Ky, and her and Xander, also seems very flat, I don't buy their all encompassing love for each other, not really. Thus, I don't really feel invested in them as much as I should. If at some point in the series Cassia should become a tool for a revolution--being it's leader--Condie didn't really proved her character capable of such status/action in this book. I Hope that's worked out sooner rather than later. Perhaps this is a story that will be better with its coming installments, where read back-to-back in their entirety, will provide the full effect of making it worthy of it's readership and interest. For now though, it suffers from a plot that lacks passion and urgency, and is delivered with a disappointing sense of anticlimactic events. I don't hate the book; it's just not anything exceptional or exciting.