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Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas ShiiiiiiiiT!That ending was f-cking spectacular! And unexpected. Wow, wow, wow!I've gotta say, I'm happy Sarah J. Maas was able to reel me back in, because for a large chunk of this book (slightly more than half), I was stewing with anger, resentment, unbridled hostility, and hatred toward a lot of things. Some senseless, but a lot justifiable in my case. Not really Sarah's fault, it's just...her characters, boy...they wanted me to punch them. In the face. Because the various betrayals and slights were...ugh! Basically, if you are on the same team I'm on, this book will elicit some rage-y feelings for you. Oh, and trust me, I'm still angry. Bloody f-cking angry and hurt about so much! But, so many crazy, ridiculously action packed things went down, so my overall enjoyment of the book turned out to be more so favorable than not. And at the end of the day, Ms. Maas made me feel. This book, the future, and these characters have constantly been on my mind since finishing. When it's good, Crown of Midnight, is awesome. Fun-awesome. And "OMG!!! WTF just happened, and are you serious?!" awesome. And I’m sure a lot of you will find that things were swooning over-awesome (although it depends on where your heart is when you go into this. If you are like me, you will see red and hurt and rage).Anyway, I have so much to say, but I ended up loving this at some point. Simultaneously polarizing gamut of emotions and all. More than anything, my heart just hurts, and I'm now more anxious and impatient than ever to read the book three. AND there are four more books to go. FOUR! *sobs in a corner*Stay tuned for a more complete review.